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The Learning Center is a place to study and learn. All Center services are offered free of charge to Penn State students. At the Learning Center you can:

  • get tutoring assistance in writing, math, or any other subject
  • work on your homework
  • access the Internet and check your email
  • study with other students
  • read between classes
  • get tips on how to study

To request a tutor in any subject, just ask! Students requesting assistance range from those who want help preserving a high average to those trying to pull a failing grade up to a passing grade. Come see us at any stage of an assignment or if you find yourself having difficulties with a course. You can also make an appointment for help with writing skills, study skills, note-taking and test-taking skills, or textbook reading skills. Our tutors are faculty, professional tutors, or students who have done well in the respective course and have a desire to help other students.

To take advantage of any of our services, contact Lorna Chin at LornaChin@psu.edu or 570-675-9285. 

We provide accommodations for students with disabilities; contact Kathie Flanagan-Herstek at kfh2@psu.edu or 570-675-9225 for more information.

We want to help you succeed!

If you have an academic problem and you don’t think that the services listed above will aid you, come visit us anyway. We’ll find a way to help!


Learning Center
Murphy Center 102
(570) 675-9285


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