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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. What is the Networking Dinner?
This event is a brand new idea meant to benefit both students and attending employers. It is an opportunity for students to practice networking skills in a professional social setting; in addition, it provides students and professionals an opportunity to build connections.

Q. What should I expect?
The event will include mingling, dinner, and a keynote address by Glenn Lawless, director of guest relations at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.

Q. What should I wear?
Business attire is required. You can wear a suit or business casual attire. Here are some examples of business casual for men and women. If you are in need of something to wear, please check out the clothing closet in Hayfield 101, sponsored by the Business Club.

Q. Do I need to register for the Networking Dinner?
Yes, you must register for the Networking Dinner. Just click on the Registration link to the left.

Q. What are the prerequisites for attending the Networking Dinner?
A. Students must register for the dinner via our Eventbrite student registration form. Additionally, students must attend at least one networking workshop in preparation for the event. The workshops that count towards this requirement are:

  • Hard Knocks Networking, Jeremy Yakus, January 30, 12-1, TC 101
  • How to Sell An Idea, John Dawe, February 27, 12-1, TC-14
  • The Awkwardness of Networking, Dave Mehall, March 25, 12-1, SC 101
  • Last Minute Networking, Christine Tenny, April 11, 12-1, AC 103
  • How Social Media Affects Your Marketing, Andrew Seder, April 17, 12-1, AC 107

Q. How else may I prepare for this event?
Besides attending a networking workshop, you can:

  • Work on your handshake. Firm, but not bone crushing.
  • Prepare your "elevator pitch" or 30-second introduction:
    • Hi. My name is __________. I am studying __________.
  • If you went to Dr. Jonathan Dougherty's talk, think about "professional pick-up lines." Watch Jonathan's video here.
  • Stop by the Struthers Family Career Services Center for a "Conversation Starters" handout.
  • Remember to not just talk about yourself but to ask questions of others.
  • Be yourself. Be approachable. Be professional.
  • Remember, this is about building relationships, finding common ground, and having fun.

Q. Are these employers hiring?
The purpose of this event is to help students practice networking skills and allow them an opportunity to meet employers. Although there may be job prospects with an individual employer's company, this is not a recruiting event. However, this is an opportunity to make a good first impression. Networking can lead to positive career outcomes, so you never know where one conversation might take you.

Q. Do I need to bring copies of my résumé to the Networking Dinner?
No, the purpose of this event is to practice your social networking skills. However, being prepared to answer questions about your academic career and future plans is advisable... you never know what connections you might make during an event like this. Asking for business cards is acceptable.

Q. Is there a list of employers attending available?
Yes, these are the employers currently signed up to attend:

  • Bowman Consulting
  • Bridon American
  • Citizens' Voice
  • Deluxe Media
  • Enterprise
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites/Host Inn All Suites/Quality Inn & Suites
  • Guyette Communication
  • Huntsville Search
  • Ken Pollock Nissan
  • Leadership Wilkes-Barre
  • PA American Water
  • Penske
  • PSU Continuing Education
  • TJ Maxx
  • Valley Distributing & Storage Company