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Lost and Found
Have you lost a textbook, left your jacket behind in the library, forgotten a purse in a classroom? Have you found a wallet, a set of car keys, or a notebook? Report lost or return found items to the Office of University Safety and Security in Hayfield House Room 111.

Escort Service
This is a free service provided to students requesting an escort from University buildings to their cars or to other buildings on campus. Any student interested in obtaining such an escort must contact security with the time and location of pickup.

Walking tips: When walking on campus, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Walk with a partner you know or a student escort
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Walk briskly and confidently in the center of the sidewalk
  • Note possible hiding places (building corners, shrubs, parked cars, etc.)
  • Report malfunctioning lights and dark areas to the Office of University Safety & Security
  • Traffic – Pedestrians should keep to the right on major campus roads

Emergency Phones
Emergency phones are located across campus. One is outside the Athletics & Recreation Building (parking lot side); another is located outside the Center for Technology (parking lot side); one is at the main entrance to the Science Center; and one is located outside the loading dock entrance (facing the Technology Center). The phones will connect directly to the Office of Safety and Security and can be used to report any emergency situation or to call for assistance if you feel threatened. The call boxes are to be used for emergency situations only!


Important Phone Numbers

Emergencies: 911
Safety and Security:
Mobile: 570-406-4126


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