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Academic Awards ceremony held

5/26/2007 —

The 18th Annual Academic Awards ceremony was held recently at Penn State Wilkes-Barre to honor students who have achieved academic excellence in the 2006-2007 academic year. Students excelling in their fields of study were honored along with students in the Honor Society and those earning special and academic excellence awards. A dessert reception followed the ceremony.

Academic Achievement Awards: Business Dept. Awards: Alison Chilcote, Sarah Hohol, Matthew Sokola; Engineering Dept. Awards: College of Engineering: Jarod K. Salsman; Electrical Engineering Award: Anthony R. Mathers; Mechanical Engineering Award: Jared R. Kloda; Electrical Engineering Technology Award: Daniel R. Dieffenbach;  Civil Engineering Award: Vernon W. Gernhart; Surveying Engineering Award: Justin J. Brezovsky, Gwen S. Cunningham, George J. Dronick; Surveying Technology Award: Todd A. Distasio; 4-year Information Sciences & Technology Dept. Awards: Jeffrey Chiampi; 2-year Information Sciences & Technology Award: Tami LaNunziata; Mathematics Div. Award: Jarod K. Salsman; Science Award: David vanMaanen; Biology Award: Alexander Levitin; Physics Award: Jarod Salsman; Chemistry Award: Scott Gay.  Special Awards were presented, as follows: W-B Alumni Society Academic Excellence Award: Michael Gongora, Alexander Levitin; Outstanding Achievement by an Adult Learner: John Geisel; Evan Pugh Scholar Award: Jonathan Nutche; President's Freshman Awards: Natalie Herron, Nicholas Sufrinko; John R. Murphy Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service: Thomas Conti; Eric A. & Josephine Walker Award: Jacob Kovalchik.

Students recognized for membership in the Honor Society are: Charlene Adzema, Aaron Blockus, Monica Bugbee, Jamie Carey, Thomas Casey, Chris Deater, Scott Gay, Vernon Gernhart, Kaitlin Harding, Kendra Hufsa, Sergey Kononov, Shawn Lees, Michelle Llewellyn, Anthony Mathers, Charles Medico, Sarah Miodulski, Guthrie Mitchell, Paula Perez, Eric Petrow, Melissa Rollo, Benjamin Rother, Aaron Slaff, Desiree Thorne, Ray Tomasacci, David vanMaanen, Jaquana Windsor.

Overall Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned grade point averages of 3.66 or higher: Justin Brezovsky, Jeffrey Chiampi, George Dronick, Melissa Gunshannon, Kaitlin Harding, Jennifer Higgins, Sarah L. Hohol, Tami LaNunziata, Anthony Mather, Jarod K. Salsman, Matthew Sokola, Lee Stanziale, Melissa Sulima, David vanMaanen, James Waters, Ashley Weber, Adam Wiernusz, Jessica Wysocki.

Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned a grade point average of 3.33-3.66: Thomas Casey, Gwen Cunningham, Afton Debarry, Daniel Dieffenbach, Todd Distasio, Courtney Ely-Denberg, William Evans, Vernon Gernhart, Michael Gongora, Ashley Hoeffner, Nicole Hoisington, Megan Ide, Stephanie Jacobs, Julie Kapson, Richard Kapson, Jared Kloda, Jacob Kovalchik, Alexander Levitin, Eric Loefflad, Anthony Macario, Ryan Marascio, Amanda Panuski, Benjamin Rother, Brian Stempien, Jessica Williams.

Shown in the photo, seated, first row, from left: Ryan Marascio, Paula P. Perez, Ashley Hoeffner, Jamie Carey, Jessica Wysocki, Monica Bugbee, Kendra Hufsa, Megan Ide, Ashley Weber, Afton DeBarry, Scott Gay; 2nd row: Eric Petrow, Vernon Gernhart, Amanda Panuski, Alison Chilcote, Sarah Hohol, Nicole Hoisington, Jessica Williams, Thomas Conti, Melissa Gunshannon, Jacob Kovalchik, George (Jim) Dronick; 3rd row: Alexander Levitin, Nicholas Sufrinko, Anthony Mathers, Matthew Sokoal, Charles Medico, Daniel Dieffenbach, Shawn Lees, Guthrie Mitchell, Jr., David vanMaanen, John Geisel, and Jarod Salsman.

Absent from photo are: Jared Kloda, Justin Brezovsky, Gwen Cunningham, Todd Distasio, Tami LaNunziata, Jeffrey Chiampi, Kaitlin Harding, Tami LaNunziata, Michael Gongora, Natalie Herron, Jonathan Nutche, Jacob Kovalchik, Charlene Adzema, Aaron Blockus, Thomas Casey, Chris Deater, Kaitlin Harding, Sergey Kononov, Michelle Llewellyn, Sarah Miodulski, Melissa Rollo, Benjamin Rother, Aaron Slaff, Desiree Thorne, Ray Tomasacci, Jaquana Windsor, Jennifer Higgins, Lee Stanziale, Melissa Sulima, James Waters, Adam Wiernusz, Courtney Ely-Denberg, William Evans, Stephanie Jacobs, Julie Kapson, Richard Kapson, Eric Lowfflad, Anthony Macario, Brian Stempien.

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