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Outstanding students recognized at Academic Awards ceremony

5/15/2006 —

The 17th Annual Academic Awards ceremony was held recently at Penn State Wilkes-Barre to honor students who have achieved academic excellence in the 2005-2006 academic year. Students excelling in their fields of study were honored along with students in the Honor Society and Honors Program, and those earning special awards and academic excellence awards.

Academic Achievement Awards were presented as follows: Business Dept. Awards: Paul Delaney and Peter Sarmonis; Education Div. Award: Bradley Grey; English Dept. Award: Daniel Pape; Engineering Dept. Awards: Jason Hinz and Robert Appleton; 4-year Information Sciences & Technology Dept. Awards: Timothy Kluger and Robert Winkler; 2-year Information Sciences & Technology Award: Mara Koenigsfeld; Mathematics Div. Award: Linda Evans.

Special Awards were presented, as follows: W-B Alumni Society Academic Excellence Award: Katie L. Dale; Outstanding Achievement by an Adult Learner: Michele Cerski; Evan Pugh Scholar Award: Jonathan Nutche; President's Freshman Awards: Sheri Flannery, Christopher Grieves, and Jonathan Yonkondy; John R. Murphy Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service: Scott M. Finlon and Ralph A. Capristo; Eric A. & Josephine Walker Award: Katie L. Dale.

Students recognized for membership in the Honor Society were: Charlene Adzema, Thomas Casey, Sheri Flannery, Shawn Lees, Anthony Mathers, Lauren McKenna, Joseph Nowakowski, Paula Perez, and David van Maanen. Students recognized for their participation in the Honors Program were John Geisel, Michael Gongora, Jared Kloda, Larue Lawrence, Calvin McDougal, Pamela Shaver, Melissa Sulima, Andrew Thalmann, Tiffany Velez, Megan Walsh, and Michelle Yosh.

Overall Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned grade point averages of 3.67 or higher: Anthony Capristo, Paul Delaney, Brian Edwards, Linda Evans, Louis Helmecki, Christine Hudak, Joseph Jerrytone, Timothy Kluger, Mara Koenigsfeld, Lauren McKenna, Lauren Noreika, Peter Sarmonis, Julian Thompson, and Robert Winkler.

Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned grade point averages of 3.33 – 3.66: Robert Appleton, Aaron Bilby, Anthony Bosket, Nicholas Brown, Nicholas Drago, Tyler Emmerich, Jason Hinz, Ryan Honeychurch, Robert Hooper, Shawn Lees, Deborah Lloyd, Therese Maxfield, Bradley Neidig, Jamie Petrucci, Kimberlie Reisch, and Matthew Shedletsky.

Students who attended Penn State Wilkes-Barre's awards ceremony are shown, seated, first row, from left: Ralph A. Capristo, Paula Perez, Julian A. Thompson, Pamela Shaver, Louis M. Helmecki, Jr., Katie L. Dale, Jason Hinz, Therese Maxfield, Daniel Pape, Jamie Petrucci, David van Maanen; Second row: Jonathan Nutche, Scott Finlon, Michele Cerski, Aaron Bilby, Brad Neidig, Michael Gongora, Ryan Honeychurch, Robert Winkler, Deborah Lloyd, Megan Walsh, Linda Evans, John Geisel; Third row: Shawn Lees, Anthony Capristo, Tiffany Velez, Joseph Jerrytone, Brian Edwards, Christine Hudak, Chris Grieves, Anthony Bosket, Paul Delaney, Melissa Sulima, and Anthony Mathers.
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