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Commencement ceremony held

Students graduating with distinction recognized
5/15/2006 —
On Saturday, May 13, 2006, commencement was held at Penn State Wilkes-Barre for students eligible to receive associate and bachelor degrees. Students who earned their degrees at the end of fall 2005 semester and those who will earn their degrees at the end of the summer semester were also invited to participate in the ceremony.

The ceremony began at 10 a.m. in the Athletic & Recreation Building. Anna Cervenak, chair of the campus advisory board, delivered the welcoming address and presented the Advisory Board Outstanding Community Leader Award to Paul E. "Buddy" O'Malia. Class speakers were Daniel J. Pape and Louis M. Helmecki. Jon Carson, Ph.D., associate professor of engineering, inducted graduates into the Penn State Alumni Society

Major General Joseph F. Perugino delivered the commencement address. Perugino is a business consultant and regional director of the Quandel Group and an emeritus member of Penn State Wilkes-Barre's Advisory Board.

A reception for graduates and their families immediately followed the ceremony.

Graduates are
Back Mtn. Area: Bernard S. Chimock, Harveys Lake, B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Todd Cosgrove, Dallas, B.S./Surveying Engineering; April N. Eaton, Dallas, A.A./Liberal Arts and A.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Michael G. Hoprich, Harveys Lake, B.S./Business; Christine A. Hudak, Sweet Valley, B.S./Business; Jeffrey L. Jones, Shavertown, A.S./Information Sciences & Technology; B.S. Information Sciences & Technology; Joan L. Kupstas, Dallas, B.A./English; Sarah D. Newell, Hunlocks Creek, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Christopher M. Organek, Trucksville, B.S./Business; Daniel M. Pentka, Shavertown, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Michael Senausky, Trucksville, B.S./Business; Shannon M. Smith, Stillwater, B.S./Administration of Justice; Paul R. Wisnieski, Trucksville, B.S./Business; Lindsay Yorks, Shavertown, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology

Hazleton/Mountaintop Area: Bruce A. Bezick, Hazelton, B.S./Business; Daniel W. Miller, Hazleton, B.S./Electrical Engineering Technology

Nanticoke: Ryan P. Higdon, Nanticoke, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Justin J. Kaszowicz, Nanticoke, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; William J. Kearney, West Nanticoke, A.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Therese L. Maxfield, Nanticoke, B.S./ Business; Pamela Stadts-Capece, Nanticoke, B.S./Business; Ian M. Urbanski, Nanticoke, B.S./Administration of Justice

Pittston Area Troy A. Barnett, Pittston, B.S./Administration of Justice; Joleen K. Dimaggio, West Pittston, B.S./Business; Brian J. Edwards, Pittston, B.S./Administration of Justice; William H. Guerin, Pittston, B.S./Business; Paula D. Morris, West Pittston, B.S./Administration of Justice; Gina Polidori, Pittston, B.S./Business; Michael J. Reardon, West Pittston, B.S./Administration of Justice; Amos J. Valenti, Pittston, B.S./Business; Jason A. Yaletsko, Pittston, A.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Robert T. Zbysheski, Pittston, B.S./Business

Scranton: Robert C. Ace, Dunmore, B.A./Administration of Justice; Jason L. Bator, Scranton, B.S./Surveying Engineering; David M. Machiesky, Carbondale, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Alysia Malar, Jermyn, B.A./Administration of Justice; Brian Sereditch, Archbald, A.A./Liberal Arts; Brian A. Thomas, Wanamie, B.S./Business

Tunkhannock Area: Matthew L. Anderson, Tunkhannock, B.S. Civil Engineering; Julie A. Bunnell, Tunkhannock, B.S./Business; Scott M. Finlon, Meshoppen, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology and A.A./Liberal Arts; Shawn K. Lees, Meshoppen, A.E.T./Engineering Technology; Carla S. Pomicter, Tunkhannock, B.S./International Politics; Bradley S. Rigdon, Tunkhannock, A.A./Liberal Arts; Gary P. Smith, Tunkhannock, B.S./Business; Damon S. Young, Tunkhannock, B.S./Wildlife & Fisheries

West Side: Junius Bernardoni, Larksville, B.S./Administration of Justice; AnnMarie Cebula, Wyoming, B.A. Administration of Justice; Paul L. Delaney, Wyoming, B.S./Business; Meggin L. Diltz, Shickshinny, B.S. Administration of Justice; Jennifer Engle, Shickshinny, B.S./Administration of Justice; Marla A. Fino, Wyoming, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Eleanor J. Gosiewski, Edwardsville, B.S./Business; Matthew R. Gushka, Kingston, B.S./Business; Leslie A. Handley, Forty Fort, B.S./Business Administration & Economics; John B. Heck, Kingston, B.S./Business; Jessica L. Hess, Shickshinny, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Thomas C. Ide, Edwardsville, B.S./Business; Patrick J. Kane, Wyoming, B.S./Business; Justin M. Karasinski, West Wyoming, B.A./Administration of Justice; Kristin V. Kochanski, Plymouth, A.S./Business Administration; Gregory M. Moran, Kingston, B.A./Administration of Justice; Patricia L. Oleary, Kingston, B.S./Marketing; David Osolnick, Luzerne, B.S. Business Administration & Economics; Michelle Pushefski, Kingston, B.S./Business; Virginia L. Raggi, Plymouth Twp., B.S./Administration of Justice; Mary C. Sheetz, Kingston, B.A./English; John R. Sromovsky, Kingston, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Stephen R. Vrabel, Kingston, B.S./Business; Elisabeth K. Yuscavage, Luzerne, B.A. Journalism

Wilkes-Barre Area: Christopher A Brzenchek, Wilkes-Barre, B.S./Business; Anthony J. Capristo, Bear Creek, B.S./Business; Ralph A. Capristo, Bear Creek, B.S./Business; Michele K. Cerski, Ashley, A.S./Business Administration; Bradley W. Crossin, Sugar Notch, B.S./Business; Nicholas P. Drago, Wilkes-Barre, B.S./Administration of Justice; Matthew Filingo, Glen Lyon, B.A./English; Louis M. Helmecki, Glen Lyon, B.S./Business; John Klemash, Hanover Twp., B.S./Business; Timothy Kluger, Glen Lyon, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Nicole I. Kubiak, Wilkes-Barre, B.S. Administration of Justice; Joseph J. Lawless, Wilkes-Barre, B.S./Business; Daniel J. Pape, Plains, B.A./English; Derick J. Sabbatini, Wilkes-Barre, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Amanda R. Salvo, Wilkes-Barre, B.S./Business; Adam T. Stella, Laflin, B.S./Electrical Engineering Technology; Joshua R. Turner, Hudson, B.A./Telecommunications; Brian P. Watkins, B.A./Administration of Justice

Outside Area: Robert J. Appleton, Shawanese, B.S., Surveying Engineering; Michael D. Barnhart, Branchdale, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Scott M. Faulkner, York, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Vincent J. Finan, Muncy Valley, B.S. Mechanical Engineering; Kristi Fitzpatrick, Kresgeville, B.S./Administration of Justice; James E. Fowler, Brackney, B.S. Management; Gary E. Hoffacker, Clarks Mills, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Meis G. Ibrahim, Reston, VA, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; David Kalman, Brooklyn, NY, B.S./Business; Darren C. Leonard, Stroudsburg, B.S./Information Sciences & Technology; Michael T. Rinaldi, Uniondale, A.E.T./Surveying Technology; Peter J. Sarmonis, Langhorne, B.S./Business
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