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Students Achieving Academic Excellence & Special Awards Are Honored

Academic Awards Recipients Spring 2005
6/9/2005 —
The 16th Annual Academic Awards ceremony was held recently at Penn State Wilkes-Barre to honor students who have achieved academic excellence in the 2004-2005 academic year. Students excelling in their fields of study were honored along with students earning special awards and academic excellence awards. Honor Society and Honors Program students were also recognized.

Academic Achievement Awards: Maria Stevens, Biology Dept. Award; Amy Kozar and Christopher Coslett, Business Dept. Award; Patrick Barone, Education Dept. Award; Jennifer Gunshannon, English Dept. Award; Melissa Saxton, English Division Award; Eric Harwood, 4-year Information Sciences & Technology Dept. Award; Bryan Erwine, 2-year Information Sciences & Technology Award; Kristina Colladay, Physics Dept. Award. Special Awards: Nolan Bennett and Danielle Tomkoski, the W-B Alumni Society Academic Excellence Award; Peter Kennedy, Outstanding Achievement by an Adult Learner; Matthew Muldoon, Model Arab League Academic Accomplishment; Jonathan Nutche, 2005 President Sparks Award; Krissie Vensky, Evan Pugh Scholar Award; Jennifer Gunshannon, John R. Murphy Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service; Stephen M. Williams, Eric A. & Josephine Walker Award.

Honor Society and Honors Program students are Angela Anderson, Gwen Cunningham, Matthew Empfield, David Fortna, David Glicini, Daniel Haddle, Natasha Hennings, Nicole Konopki, Shawn Lees Jeffrey Li, Lauren McKenna, Jacqueline Misunas, Kaitlin Monick, Charles Ryan, Matthew Smith, April Trotter, Michael Yurchak, and Mary Beth Ziobro. Honors students who also received certificates for two-year Honor Program participation are: Jeffrey Loftus-Vergari, Amy Pack, Melissa Saxton, Christopher Torres, and Leonard Yashinski.

Overall Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned grade point averages of 3.67 or higher: Kevin Bilwin, Michael Butler, Christopher Coslett, Bryan Erwine, Daniel Haddle, Amy Kozar, Mei Hong Tang, and Melissa Wickizer. Academic Excellence Awards were given to students in their final semester at the campus who earned grad point averages of 3.33 – 3.66: Tyler Albee, Thomas Ash, Aaron Bolton, Anthony Bosket, Jennifer Bott, Christopher Brooks, Bethanie Buerger, Sumei Chen, Gregory Cherkauskas, Toby Ciprich, Rachele Cole, Kristina Colladay, Melissa Conrad, Chad Cropper, Jeffrey Dengler, David Glicini, Craig Gritzen, Jennifer Gunshannon, Eric Harwood, Matthew Hoover, Joseph Huben, Daniel Karlotski, Peter Kennedy, Erin Kotchik, Jacqueline Misunas, Kenneth Morgan, Amy Pack, Nathan Peterson, Joseph Redinski, Mary Rhoads, Charles Ryan, Amanda Socash, Bruce Stucker, Bradley Suchoski, Megan Thorne, Steven Weber, Leonard Yashinski, Michael Yurchak, and Mary Beth Ziobro.

Shown in the photo are students who attended the awards ceremony, seated, from left: Joseph Redinski, Melissa Saxton, Amy Kozar, Danielle Tomkoski, Kaitlin Monick, Maria Stevens, Melissa Wickizer, Jennifer Bott, Amy Pack, Nolan Bennett, Angie Anderson, Michael Butler. Second row: Daniel Karlotski, Kristina Colladay, Jeffrey Loftus-Vergari Leonard Yashinski, Toby Ciprich, Thomas Ash, Jr., Stephen M. Williams, Jr., Christopher Torres, Mary Beth Ziobro, Nicole Konopki, Jacque Misunas, April Trotter. Third row: Joseph Huben, Melissa Conrad, Nathan Peterson, Matthew Muldoon, Christopher Coslett, Christopher Brooks, Jennifer Gunshannon, Bruce Stucker, Jonathan Nutche, Michael Yurchak Matthew Fairfeld, David Fortna, Bethanie Buerger. Fourth row: Matthew Hoover, Chad Cropper, Shawn Lees, Peter Kennedy, Jeffrey Dengler, Eric Harwood, David Glicini, and Anthony Bosket.

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