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William Bachman

William Bachman
Instructor in Communications
phone: 570-675-9126
email: web14@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Public speaking issues (delivery, content, assessment of a speaker's presentation, etc.); film production/documentary topics; conflict resolution; the history of Frances Slocum
Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi

Dr. Christyne Berzsenyi
Associate Professor of English
phone: 570-675-9275
email: cab39@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Computers and writing; teaching with computers; online teaching; popular culture studies about food; the gothic; the Internet as studied by written communications; writer/audience relationships; spectator relationships to film, TV, and advertising
Wei-Fan Chen

Dr. Wei-Fan Chen
Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
phone: 570-675-9142
email: weifan@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Cognitive and information sciences and technology as related to learning; human-computer interaction, especially for cognitive learning for undergraduate students.

William Chickillo
William Chickillo
Lecturer in Visual Arts
phone: 570-675-9143
email: wxc34@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise:
Art (especially painting, drawing)
Dr. David Chin

Dr. David Chin
Associate Professor of English
phone: 570-675-9247
email: dpc5@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Poetry
Terry Clemente

Theresa Clemente
Instructor in Business Administration
phone: 570-675-9293
email: tmc12@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Community-based service-learning projects involving students in specific business courses or internships
Dr. Michael Ecker

Dr. Michael W. Ecker
Associate Professor of Mathematics
phone: 570-675-9138
email: mwe1@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Generalist mathematics with an emphasis in analysis, computers in mathematics, mathematical recreations, and problem solving

Lynda Goldstein

Dr. Lynda Goldstein
Associate Professor of English
phone: 570-675-9236
email: lrg4@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Twentieth Century American Cultural Studies with an emphasis on media and gender; contemporary film

Thomas Knapp

Dr. Thomas Knapp
Associate Professor of Economics
phone: 570-675-9283
email: kzu@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Human migration and quality of life (good schools, low crime, good roads, etc.) and their role in determining regional economic outcomes; the value placed on environmental quality by people's migration/location decisions

Dr. Albert Lozano-Nieto

Dr. Albert Lozano-Nieto
Professor of Engineering
phone: 570-675-9245
email: axl17@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Radio frequency identification (RFID); biomedical engineering/bioengineering

Dudley Snyder

Dr. Dudley Snyder
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
phone: 570-675-9267
email: dcs10@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise:
Chemistry; organic chemistry; biochemistry; general chemistry; history of science and technology; martial arts (3rd-degree black belt)

Dr. Walteen Grady Truely

Dr. Walteen Grady Truely
Division of Undergraduate Studies Coordinator
phone: 570-675-9217
email: wpt2@psu.edu

Area(s) of expertise: Gender equity in education, particularly in K-12 public schools

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