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Penn State Wilkes-Barre offers students the ability to complete several baccalaureate, or bachelor's, degrees on this campus. Some majors—like Surveying Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology—offer specialized training and prepare students for employment in particular fields. Other majors—like Administration of Justice, Business, English, and Information Science and Technology—provide students with theoretical preparation in a general area of learning along with the ability to choose from among several career possibilities within the given area of study.


A lawyer presenting an argument to a jury

Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice program focuses on the interrelated components of the criminal justice system: public- and private-sector enforcement and investigation, legal systems, correctional treatment, and community services.

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Three typical business managers

Business – Accounting Option

The Bachelor of Science in Business combines the theoretical underpinnings of business with applied study. The Accounting option focuses on helping students develop and interpret the financial information that is critical for business decision making.

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Employees in the field of Corporate Communication sharing ideas

Corporate Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication program prepares students for public information and media relations positions in profit and non-profit organizations.

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EET students and their instructor gathered around a 3D printer

Electrical Engineering Technology

The Electrical Engineering Technology provides a broad foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of electrical and electronic circuits, digital circuits, computers, electrical machinery, and programmable logic controls.

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An English faculty member and two students conversing about a paper


The Bachelor of Arts in English enables students to develop highly marketable analytic and critical skills in reading and writing, which will serve them well in careers that require an ability to gather, analyze, synthesize, and communicate information.

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An IST instructor working with a student in front of a computer

Information Sciences and Technology

The B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology provides students not only with technical know-how, but also with the ability to see the big picture, to know what technology is appropriate for a given situation, and to know how to implement the solution. 

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A Human Services worker chatting with a mother holding a baby

Rehabilitation and Human Services

The Bachelor of Arts in Rehabilitation and Human Services major prepares students for entry-level positions in a variety of human service settings including agencies serving people with physical, mental, alcohol and other drug, and cognitive disabilities.

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Surveyor working at a building site

Surveying Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering covers both breadth and depth in the surveying field. Students can specialize in boundary surveying, geodesy, image analysis (photogrammetry and remote sensing), and geographic information systems.

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