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Concurrent Major in Surveying Engineering
and Civil Engineering

This program requires ten semesters of study, with the first six semesters at Wilkes-Barre and the final four semesters at University Park. Upon completion of the program, a B.S. in Surveying Engineering (SUR E) and a B.S. in Civil Engineering (C E) is awarded by the College of Engineering. To be eligible for this program, a student must initially enroll in the Surveying Engineering program at the Wilkes-Barre campus.

Interested students must participate in the College of Engineering entrance-to-major process through eLion in their pool semester. The pool semester is the Spring semester of their second year. Sometime before mid-February in the pool semester, students must go to eLion and select C E as their "first-choice" major. To be considered for the major, students must have completed CHEM 110, MATH 140, MATH 141, and PHYS 211 with a grade of C or better. If a student is notified of conditional admission to C E, he/she must complete the application for concurrent majors. If all approvals are given, the student will officially be in the concurrent degree program effective the semester following the pool semester.